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Video: Romney Surrogate Destroys Stammering Andrea Mitchell on Outsourcing

RICHARD191 Wrote: Oct 08, 2012 12:24 PM
What does anyone expect! Mister Obama has been hiring all those derelicts from the welfare rolls at an alarming rate. I w0onder if there are any people left on the welfare rolls to add to the employment office. The Kennedy's werew the first to get them to the 45% mark. Now Mr Romney says he will eliminate them by atrician? He needs to just fire them all.

In a post yesterday morning, I reported that Republicans were gearing up to hit back hard against Obama's baseless "outsourcing" meme, and that Romney surrogates were preparing to step up their aggression level.  That reporting was quickly confirmed in one irresistibly tasty television appearance.  Behold, former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu taking a shell-shocked Andrea Mitchell to school and back in just over three minutes: