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Linda McMahon Spot Encourages Obama Voters for Linda

Richard189 Wrote: Oct 23, 2012 7:38 AM
her strategy its a safe bet, but i wouldnt vote for anyone of them. Why on earth she would side with a person who brought about 4 years of failed presidency, is beyond me.
Linda McMahon, Republican running for U.S. Senate in Connecticut, is out with a new ad featuring ticket-splitting voters who pledge support to both Democrat Barack Obama and McMahon.

The ad emphasizes a theme that McMahon has repeatedly stressed during the campaign: independence. While her rival, Democrat Chris Murphy, has been a straight party-line vote for Democrats during his career in the U.S. House, McMahon is a pro-choice and pro-gay marriage Republican who has repeatedly expressed her disagreement with the national Republican party and said that she's a worthy successor to...