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Also is it true that the Sandy Hook shooter had some links to terrorism?
@usmcpgw Excellent listing, maybe i should have read further but did you list Fort Hood also? So exactly how many terrorist attacks have succeeded on uncle Barack's watch? How many attack's have been thwarted? Just think folks we have got another four years of this incompetent, uncaring, flaccid administration to suffer through. Lord help us. Semper Fi
I do not wish to immerse myself in what appears, for all intents and purposes, to be self-flagellation in the content of this article, but I would like to state for the record that I believe that it was the Paul-bots who stayed home on election day. I am not blaming them for Romney's defeat. I called it last year A middle of the road, milquetoast, moderate from Massachusetts could not beat Obozo. And as bitter as it tastes... I told you so...
For all the trolls spreading their copy and paste arguments, WHAT EXACTLY ABOUT DOUBLE THE PRICE OF GAS DO YOU LIKE???
Thank You Donkey Majorities in both house and a donkey president for giving us a massive unsustainable new entitlement that with kill jobs in the short term and bankrupt the country in the long run.
You forget that anyone who voices any opposition to their messiah is automatically labeled as a racist.
Remember folks, that we conservatives may be a little poll weary. We have been polled and robo-called since march of 2011. I personally have only participated in a handful of polls since the hawkeye cauci took place last year. And it is not from lack of opportunity, wewere getting a half a dozen calls a day for a while. That is all.
Anyone still fantasizing about about an obozo win tommorrow needs to answer this question. What is it that you like about DOUBLE THE PRICE OF GAS???
Same closing question for all of the liberal trolls. What EXACTLY about DOUBLE the price of GAS do you like?
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The President's Alternate Universe

Richard1843 Wrote: Nov 05, 2012 11:23 PM
So, I have one simple question for all of you libtards. What is it EXACTLY that you LIKE about DOUBLE the price of GAS?
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