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Sore Winners

Richard1805 Wrote: Nov 27, 2012 2:07 PM
Racism is the easy answer for the lazy and intellectually challenged. I work in an office that is 90% African American (including management) and because I am an old conservative white guy I am, by default, racist. That type of thinking has a name- prejudice ("pre-judgment"). If you ask those folks who spew this idiocy if they are prejudiced, they would be shocked.
Post-election season is a time for healing, for putting aside the rancor of a long campaign and rediscovering what unites us. It has not been that way this year.

Prudence, one would think, if not generosity of spirit, should impel Democrats to be magnanimous in victory. Romney did receive about 48 percent of the vote. A little modesty among the winners would seem to be in order.

Instead, the gloating has been extravagant. Worse, liberals have gorged themselves on the same junk food they enjoyed during the campaign and cannot seem to resist under any circumstances -- slandering their opponents....