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So let me get this right, no Russian, Mandarin, Vietnamese or Urdu materials, just Spanish? That smacks of discrimination!
Yes, Lena, there are things you do that henceforth disqualify you forever from ANY public esteem or attention. You have crossed that line, and like any sick pedophile, fail to understand that what you do is wrong. Seek professional help. You need it.
My daughter was in charge of revising the physical fitness test for her police department. Some of the male officers said she couldn't pass her own (gender neutral) test. She grabbed the 150 lb. dummy, dragged it thirty yards, slung it over her shoulder and said "how far you want me to carry this?". Silence. She then said, "Let's try the timed mile run." She beat both of them. She's a Republican. 'nuff said.
To be able to say this with a straight face means she has a future as a professional poker player WHEN she loses. But she better not play in Louisiana because, you know, they don't respect women there.
Honest to God, I didn't know the NYT still published a newspaper! Does somebody read it? Do two people read it so the first guy has to keep in in good shape to pass to the other guy? Fascinating!
Obama Stupidity and Horse$&@ Administration. OSHA, silly.
I dream of the day nobody works and everyone sits around eating gas-free Chipotle burritos. That won't happen either.
I hope the mayor succeeds in this campaign. If she can silence these ministers then I can, finally, walk into a restroom in Houston without having to look at those genderist signs. After all, what woman could object to a 6'2" 275lb. 64 year old man meandering into a restroom when he feels the inner Miley Cyrus coming out?
One of the problems with lying is the possibility of independent observation of the lie. Corroboration of this child's experience should lead to disciplinary action for this administrator. Just as he might do for the child, I think a two week suspension should be the minimum action. CYA this feeble is sad at best, criminal at worst. The child deserves a written apology from the school board.
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Africa: A Tragic Continent

Richard1805 Wrote: Oct 29, 2014 11:33 AM
They actually believe they are smarter. Even when facts get in the way. The liberal capacity for self delusion is breathtaking in its intensity.
Actually, it doesn't count the votes until the final lock.
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