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These people send massive amounts of money home (and out of the US economy). Good for their countries, bad for ours.
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Who'll Build the Roads?

Richard1805 Wrote: Jul 16, 2014 10:15 AM
My plan is to move to an "exurban" town half an hour from the far edge of metro Atlanta. Further from urban crime.
The concept that anyone is REQUIRED to pay for a commercial product (health insurance) for you as your 'right" is patently absurd. As an adult, "Little Missies" you are responsible for yourself. Nobody made me your daddy, even if I run a business and choose to employ you. When you apply for employment with me, evaluate what I offer, choose to accept or reject it. Likewise, if you don't meet my needs I can choose to reject you as an employee. Grow the &#^* up! I'm tired of hearing how 'wise" the Millennial Crowd appears to be. If this is their idea of how the world works then they are destined to be ruled by despots. Good luck to them.
If I can pay nothing for Viagra then I might consider it ok for them to pay nothing (out of pocket, nothing is actually free) for their contraception and abortions. These are idiots who are are the children of idiots and will bear and raise even more idiots.
Fauxcahontas really thinks she can swing this one? No record, no history of accomplishment other than the mostly nonfunctional consumer protection boondoggle and more fake prog rhetoric. It would be interesting. A repeat of the Hussein.
Every summer the Straight White Men's Club, including all the straight white men in America, meets in Utah to plan the next year's conspiracy. Sadly, most commerce, medical care, police and fire protection and clergy action stops for that week. Maybe straight white men do have value.........
They are protecting him every moment. He has more security than the Ambassador to Libya had on 9/11 when he was murdered.
They are housing this clown in officers' quarters. A sgt. in BOQ? Really? I think they know if left in barracks he would be beaten repeatedly be troops who despise a deserter. Of course, the political types (including the generals) can't admit to that status now. He is a deserter at best. He probably still thinks he should be Taliban, but they don't want idiots.
Since Obama wants to reduce the size of the military, foreign born recruits will become unnecessary.
Yawn. They will learn. Dense packing (Japan) requires social rules of civility. The "Millennials" are anything but civil. Me, me, me doesn't work on the long term.
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