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Robert, you are such an eternal optimist.
Wrong. NOBODY watches MSNBC, it's too awful even for libtards.
Please, Native Americans now refer to her as "Skinwalker".
Wait,...he looks suspiciously like......Elizabeth Warren! Do we have any history on her before 2001?
She discussed this first with her tribal leaders to get the Native American perspective.
He put together a multinational coalition.Obama couldn't put together a table for poker.
I hope you consider what they will do when emboldened to strike here. They may target you in West Hollywood.
If we had rescued him, idiot, condolences wouldn't be necessary. This isn't about "feelings" you dolt, it's about action now.
Apparently the Hussein considers this "dialog".
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Irresponsible Choices

Richard1805 Wrote: Sep 02, 2014 10:36 AM
I'm all for Lizzie Warren. The "Skinwalker" is another perfect example of mindless socialistic banter from someone with no personal accomplishments outside of the ivory tower. Fauxcahontas would be the perfect first woman Democrat President.
It is being done legally. The "immigrants" Hussein talks about are criminal illegal invaders.
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