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res ipsa loquitur.
Just last week I was nearly beheaded by an army of Southern Baptists with Confederate flags and pickup trucks full of RPGs. Right.............
We should let the Genovese family handle these protestors. They have the most experience with people encased in cement. Just ask Jimmy Hoffa.
Of course black lives matter. Just not to other black men who kill 6,200 African Americans a year.
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Richard1805 Wrote: Dec 30, 2014 11:55 AM
Killery "Benghazi" Klinton campaign finance site.
Newsflash: If Presbo will compromise and sign a budget, all kinds of good things can happen. He is the most intransigent of the bunch, so everyone has to bend to suit the Supreme Leader? Not a good idea.
Not in America today. This liberal game will backfire badly.
Just like a child trying to see how far he/she can push a parent, the rogue regimes are pushing the Hussein . At some point the North Koreans or Chicoms will pull "a hack to far" and the American people will react in a way our feckless leaders seem to be unable to muster.
Well, some of us call them scum sucking liberals, but I will settle for simply "liberals".
His level of competence peaked when he was 14 years old. Why did the American public that voted for him and the MSM that supported him not see this?
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