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Are you talking about normal citizens or looters? In what way is it right to loot some small business if you think you have a complaint against government? By the way, the city and county are 100% Democrat politicians. Why is that never mentioned?
History will not be kind to the pond scum that populate the current administration. They will not, however, be punished for their crimes. Ever. In any way.
Nice hope. Won't happen. Politicians are "brothers and sisters" in that aspect.
Hillary Clinton's "assistant" Huma Abedin, of course, has no interest in a Caliphate, John McCain says so, it must be true.
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Journalists in Screech Advocacy Mode

Richard1805 Wrote: Sep 10, 2014 3:10 PM
The entire political structure in Ferguson- city, county and state is Democrat. You never hear anything about that. Too many white Democrats on the city council? You can fix that in the primary Ferguson black Democrats. Want more African American police officers? Fire all the white ones and hire only African Americans. Simple solution. Of course, you have to hire enough appropriate African American candidates, train them,structure them and you are ready to go. In the mean time, having no police is apparently better than having white police. Go for it!
This is what happens when the stare fails to act and you have an unarmed populace.
Next stop, regain Indonesian citizenship and become Secretary General of the UN. Perfect!
To say something like this goes beyond hubris into the area of utter and complete stupidity. How is the man able to dress himself every day? Does he nedd written instructions to lace his shoes? Can you wear velcro shoes on the Senate floor? Disdain is my only response to him.
Robert, you are such an eternal optimist.
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