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Obviously literacy is not required for this "job". Please consider placing the "kids" for adoption.
One of the problems with as they state, gaining an education in abortion in medical school is the inability of medical schools to find anyone who does abortions that meets the criteria foe inclusion in medical school faculty. First, you have to be board certified in the specialty in which you are practicing (and teaching) and be able to have hospital staff privileges. Most abortionists in this country don't meet these criteria. Few in the ob-gyn departments would consider being labeled the "staff abortionist" as a good thing. Thus, the same problem the Texas abortion clinics have meeting the new regulations. Marginal doctors. At the University of Minnesota School of Medicine when I attended, there was one board certified gyn who did some abortions at one of the county hospitals. As a student you could elect to observe, but were not forced to do so or penalized for declining. Most declined.
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Dear Monica

Richard1805 Wrote: Oct 23, 2014 3:19 PM
Monica for Killery "Benghazi" Clinton's Secretary of the "Interior". Bill already knows her interior intimately and can vouch for her.
I think it's time to ban men from existing universities. Their attendance is already declining and women would be much more free to express themselves without the threat of men present. I'm sure we can develop some sort of institution where men could get an education and not be a burden on universities. Maybe some place like Gitmo would work.
Hillary Clinton campaign site.
Ahh, a chance to declare martial law and suspend the elections. Perfect.
Does anyone really think talented doctors go to work for government agencies? On what planet? Those who can't do, teach. Those who can't teach go to work for the CDC, FDA and NIH.
I'm surprised it wasn't syphilis.
Also, performing an abortion is sort of like driving a car. It's so simple almost any idiot can do it. And, like driving a car, serious injuries and deaths are relatively rare. That doesn't mean there should be no basic standards for either of these situations.
Jacob, exactly why is it "prohibitively expensive" to make abortion clinics comply with the same requirements as cosmetic surgery and podiatry offices? Shouldn't they meet the same standards as where one goes for bunions or boob jobs? Additionally, having the doctor on the staff of a nearby hospital means they can admit and deal with the complications they have created related to the procedure. Why should some poor on-call schmuck gynecologist have to make up for the mistakes of the local abortionist, not rarely for free? I know, a lot of abortionists are in the "trade" not because of their strong belief in "women's health issues" but because they lack the skills and training to get hospital privileges. Nobody at the clinic ever mentions that pesky little issue.
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