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The Democratic Party Fascists Take Over

RickG_Prov_RI Wrote: Aug 01, 2012 4:31 PM
Christianity grew under outrageous oppression. The current levels are actually quite minor compared to the original version. For all those dropping out of Christianity because it's no longer in vogue don't trip on the threshold on the way out. What will remain will be the foundation of the new millennium of the faith. I used to work with a Hungarian immigrant that believed religion would fade away before the year 2000 in the soviet union. That was in 1988. The soviet union is no longer. Religion has its bruises but it's still around.
requiescat in pace Wrote: Aug 01, 2012 10:21 PM
"The stone which the builders rejected shall become the cornerstone."
Let's say that you own a business. And let's say that as a person of faith, you decide to use the profits from that business to support, at least in some small part, traditional marriage. Now let's say that your political opponents find your position stunning and launch a boycott against your business.

So far, no harm, no foul. It may be irritating that your political opponents choose to make your personal political predilections the basis of a crushing economic attack. But it's their right.

But now let's say your political opponents are in government. And let's...