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The War on Mental Health

RickG_Prov_RI Wrote: Jan 31, 2013 9:52 PM
This is an intriguing case in duplicitous argument and reckoning. Yes it unjust to unfairly categorize all people suffering mental affliction as potentially homicidal, suicidal, psychopathic, sociopathic or some combination of all of the aforementioned. There doesn't appear to be the same consideration of gun owners. ALL homo sapiens are potentially dangerous whether they have or haven't overtly given an indication they may be. When someone is fixated and obsessed on violent ant-social behavior there is the difference. I own firearms. I know a lot of people who do also. I don't know or associate with anyone who wakes up in the morning hoping to shoot someone. Trust me, if I encounter someone who does I'll let you know about it.

The Huffington Post reported today that mental health solutions alone can't thwart gun violence.

[B]y shifting the debate away from gun control and toward mental health concerns, proponents run the risk of further stigmatizing mental illness, discouraging those who confront it from seeking professional help. "Most gun violence is just not committed by people with mental illness, were we somehow to stop violence by anyone with a mental illness -- as unlikely as that outcome might be -- we would be safer, but only a teeny bit safer. As much as these incidents attract everybody's attention and concern, they are...