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Hollywood Hypocrites: Video Contrasts Celebs Demanding a Gun Control Plan with Gun Violence Scenes from their Films

RickG_Prov_RI Wrote: Jan 02, 2013 2:04 PM
The suggestive violence in music and films can't be a contributing factor if it comes from reputable sources. Now Sarah Palin's 'reload' line is the real reason Loughner went off in Tuscon but a 'musician' who encourages execution of other human beings is simply being creative. The fact that a minority of the population, who violate pretty much all the existing gun laws as well as a host of other laws, means that the only way to rectify the situation is demonize the law abiding. After all, they are most likely going to obey any new statutes as well as the old ones. That is enough to say the statute is successful. The fact that the ones who broke the old ones will break the new ones too is irrelevant.

In the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre, Mayors Against Illegal Guns launched the campaign, “Demand a Plan,” which features A-list celebrities calling on Americans to demand a gun control plan from their elected officials. Of course, it’s nothing more than typical Hollywood hypocrisy.

But now a new video called “Demand a Plan – Demand Celebrities Go F*** Themselves”  has been created that highlights the gun violence many of these same stars have taken part in in their movies and television shows.

The "Demand Celebrities" response video intersperses the original PSA with scenes of gun...