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Guns and Piers Morgan

RickG_Prov_RI Wrote: Jan 03, 2013 2:04 PM
All facts will be damned. There are two things that will drive the 'common sense' measure of manufacturing criminals by statute and then taking whatever steps are necessary to maintain order. One is the overwhelming desire of people to possess unquestionable power. The other, and the one that will be used most effectively, is the desire for vengeance in the wake of a crime especially one the magnitude of Sandy Hook. Since vengeance and 'justice' cannot be enacted upon Lanza and his mother it must nevertheless be enacted. All gunowners are the object of that unrequitable and insatiable desire for vengeance.

CNN's Piers Morgan writes that the pro-gun crowd's anger toward him stems from anti-British bias: "This gun debate is an ongoing war of verbal attrition in America -- and I'm just the latest target, the advantage to the gun lobbyists being that I'm British, a breed of human being who burned down the White House in 1814 and had to be forcefully deported en masse, as no American will ever be allowed to forget."

Scads of "in-sourced" Brits appear on our telly without us Yanks calling for their deportation. Hell, we just let a Brit play Abe Lincoln. Fox's...