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As for the issue of slavery being 'legal' in the USA it serves to remember that slavery existed worldwide long before the USA ever existed. Many nations who like to point out that slavery was abolished there before it was abolished in the USA do not, and will not, state an evident fact. Slavery was practiced in those nations for millennia. From the adoption of the U.S. constitution to the 13'th amendment slavery was legal less than one century.
Nothing says tolerance and diversity better.
"As critics point out, Republicans have alienated some minority voters by pushing for voter identification laws that disproportionately affect nonwhites, while resisting comprehensive changes in the immigration and criminal justice systems." With no particulars to substantiate the claim. How does it disprortionately affect minorities? How are minoritites conducting day to day business without I.D. ? Pray tell.
The progressive propaganda will have them all labeled as sell outs to their blood by the time the primaries start. Now it will be incumbent to see if the people who step and fetch for the progressives figure it out. For the moment they seem to have no problem getting up every morning and putting on the "intellectual chains of slavery" that replaced the physical chains some of their ancestors wore as Clarence Thomas pointed out. VP Biden even pulled it out on the trail with the "They're gonna put y'all back in chains".
For what it's worth that is how it should be structured if there are going to be social programs. There is no need for multiple bureaucracies per person.
You've got to admit. A lot of guns got sold and the Democrats lost contol of Congress in his watch. Give credit where credit is due.
In their day the huling cry was, "No taxation without representation." Now it should be, "No MORE taxation by MIS-representation."
WWWWWWHHHHHHAAAAT?????? Trying to determine if he had a mental illness. Ya' think?
Marco, the ONE is jealous. He's not looking to fundamentally transform Cuba.
Cuba has one of the worst credit ratings in the world. My bet says the ONE pushes for a huge loan to help heal the divisions that Castro so 'rightly' feels against us. Sixty Minutes will be nominating him for his second Nobel prize.
All liberties misused can end in tragedy. The alcohol industry wouldn't exist if they were sued every time an alcohol involved mishap occurred.
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