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And when a future president overrules rule of law and signs an executive order overturning the abortion pill mandate and ALL OTHER forms of birth control then what?
'I get a pass on the content of my character BECAUSE of the color of my skin and I get to call you a racist solely because of the color of YOUR skin. " Eric Holder
Initiating impeachment proceedings when the Senate won't take the case is a waste of time.
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Obama the Problem Creator

RickG_Prov_RI Wrote: Jul 11, 2014 4:01 AM
This is the same administration that acted to prevent the State of Arizona from enforcing FEDERAL Immigration laws in their own state after refusing Arizona's request that the Federal Government obey its' own rules.
That's not a war that's genocide.
OH Katie. Go get'm. Of course the reply will be she's a sell out and a presstitute, a conservative token and a traitor to all the women victims worldwide. Since biological gender isn't necessarily what one is according to progressive lore Katie may end up being diagnosed as a vile misogynistic male chauvinist pig who was born into XX chromosones. She will be assigned to a 'recertification camp' .
Strong, self-determined and independent women should have no need whatsoever to be dependent on a man or a government to supply them with something as affordable as abortifacients. Being denied the ability to demand someone else purchase something one wants is not the same as being denied the access to what one wants. I fully expect that in order for me to exercise my Second Amendment Right I am obligated to purchase my own guns, ammo and range time as well as any hunting licesnses and/or tags. The huling cry is, "MY body, MY choice, keep your laws off MY body and out of MY lifestyle choice." I am more than happy to honor that. I will add this. YOUR body and YOUR lifestyle choices are YOUR responsibility and not mine or societies. The other huling cry is, "If you're against abortion don't have one." Fair enough. The reality is the statement should be, "You will subsidize abortions against your will because it is MY right to demand you do." This should make for good theatre and good debate going into this election.
He cannot be judged by the content of his character or his actions. He gets a pass on that BECAUSE of the color of his skin.
It's getting more and more attractive as an employer to pay the 2000.00 fine per eligible employee that has to be employed full time, reduce all non-essential full time to part time and send every employee to the exchange to fend for themselves. When people see what they'll get for coverage off the exchange they will long for what they can no longer get. Enjoy the 'free' abortifacient that comes with the coverage that goes with the 6000.00 a year deductibles and 25% out of pocket costs.
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Our Arrogant President

RickG_Prov_RI Wrote: Jul 01, 2014 11:56 AM
The worse the situation becomes the better for someone who manufactures crisis' in order to exercise 'executive action' to solve the problem.
If two women want to have sex with each other they don't need birth control. They're not going to reproduce. Likewise if two gay men have sex there's no need for birth control because neither one of them can get pregnant so this is not a same sex homophobia issue before anyone throws that strawman in also. If a gay man and a gay woman get together specifically to have a child then there's no need for birth contol as it will be counterproductive. So it will always be an alleged 'war on women' issue. NOW to the point. The huling cry is, "My body, my choice, keep your laws off my body." OK. that makes it your responsibility. Now if you want your life subsidized you are surrendering choices in exchange for being a subsidiary entity in the relationship. If you want total control you must be willing to accept total responsibility. How about if a woman is going to have sex with a man she makes it very clear to the man she is going to have sex with that it is HIS responsibility to provide her with birth control in exchange for sex and not anyone else's? No one who isn't receiving sex with her in a quid pro quo arrangement should be obligated to give a free, independent and self-directed woman anything. It should actually be an insult to her to insinuate she is unable to provide something as affordabel as birth control on her own.
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