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Jenna Bush Hager's was just a clump of cells that could have been cut out like a tumor. Actually the media would live and die to report that the child of a conservative had an abortion. The faux outrage would be truly Machiavellian Bread and Circus for the masses. It's so predictable it's absolutely pathetic.
"The substance of sex-related accusations against President Clinton differs dramatically from those raised against Justice Thomas or (Sen. Bob) Packwood." Yes it does. Billy was actually doing what he was accused of.
NO!!!! What you're now seeing is what your refused to recognize in 2008 and called people racists for stating what always was.
The lie is the edict of power. Has been for millennia. What's news about this?
As the saying goes, "If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's a duck." If a group is behaving like a PAC it is a PAC. Don't forget, if conservatives find a way to circumvent the rules just imagine what the progressives will do with the loophole.
It is intriguing that Jewish people are so much in favor of disarmament. One would think that a people with the history of persecution they have going back millennia would be the last people who would opt to disarm. Go figure.
Our former State Attorney General and now Junior Senator Sheldon Outhouse doesn't just sound like someone who struggles to make a coherent point. He is someone who struggles to make a coherent point.
I am so proud of our former State Attorney General and now Junior Senator Sheldon Outhouse. The lemmings have no clue what they voted for.
"If Congress will not impeach an officer of the government when it itself is the victim of his crimes because it fears the political consequences, does it still believe in the Constitution? " Worse yet Judge, do they still believe there is such a thing as the truth?
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Yes, I Hate the Cable Company Too

RickG_Prov_RI Wrote: Apr 09, 2014 9:28 PM
John, you didn't mention another option. Turn the TV off. The threat of economic extinction makes monopolies of services that are highly desired, although totally unnecessary, much more complicit and solicitous.
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