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Marco, the ONE is jealous. He's not looking to fundamentally transform Cuba.
Cuba has one of the worst credit ratings in the world. My bet says the ONE pushes for a huge loan to help heal the divisions that Castro so 'rightly' feels against us. Sixty Minutes will be nominating him for his second Nobel prize.
All liberties misused can end in tragedy. The alcohol industry wouldn't exist if they were sued every time an alcohol involved mishap occurred.
Most of the erosion to the Second Amendent has come at the State levels. Beware the local ordinances and support the movements and lawsuits that challenge unconstitutional statutes at the State and local levels, not just at the Federal level.
But don't the ends justify the means? It was for a noble cause, kind of like making up stories about evil republican fraternities.
The convolution of law achieves two objectives. It allows the state to prosecute victimless crimes and allows the state to exonerate themselves and those they favor by interpreting the convolution in their favor. USC Title 25 is one volume. It governs treaties and relationships with the Native People of this continent. Look at how screwed they are by one simple volume and figure out what is in store for us. This is especially true of Title 26 USC which is many volumes and governs taxation.
Add it in with the Sarah Palin emails, toss in Benghazi and a lot of posturing went for naught.
The resources to prosecute major threats against the country have to be reserved for returning military veterans. Just ask Janet.
Won't that be a privilege to be exempt from social responsibility? Watch out white girl. Your privilege makes you fair game.
Why would they care if they bring charges and lose? A) It's not their money they're wasting and it's not their life reputation that are on the line. The heaviest burden would all fall on Darren Wilson. B) Just the preference of charges by D.O.J. can throw new blood in the water and bring the sharks back circling with, "We knew the Grand Jury was wrong". It firs the agenda.
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