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Zerubbabel Wrote: 1 hour ago (11:04 AM) "Do you want a judge and jury determining whether you deserve a raise, or whether you must give a raise to your employee? " So who decides when a situation is an 'equal pay for equal work' application or violation? The employer, the employee or a mediator?
If new babies don't start picking up the pace to actually pay for all that government Santa Clause is promising it all falls apart anyway. The only way the 'undocumented' are signing up for ACA is if it gets subsidized or outright paid for. That kind of defeats the means necessary to fund a successful insurance program. The slogan should be, 'Free birth control and abortion.' 'Subsidizing the end of the future.'
Diversity ranges between what I hold to be true for myself and what I agree with.
But if you're not down with the cause you're not really a woman. It's just like Black People that aren't really black.
Businesses will raise their prices to cover the costs. At that the masses who live on the Bread and Circus of their masters will show up and vote for Governor Santa Clause. Nothing changes until the final crash.
That is why amending the constitution requires the process it does. One person, one vote not one person overrules everyone's votes.
"You're lying! Do you hear me? Obamacare is working perfectly, so your story can't possibly be true! You're lying! LYING!!!!" Dear Ken6226, I wish I were lying. This business employs 78 people. That increase means there is $33,000.00 less to have for salary increases and bonuses. The only saving irony of this is there will be $33,000.00 lower revenues to pay tax on so the parasites get a little less too.
We are renewing our small group policy on June 1'st this year. Our rate adjusted to age and health of the plan members before ACA would have been 6.23% up. With the ACA provisions and taxes 12.48%. In my world that's double.
Those who beat their swords into ploughshares take orders from those who don'.
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The Grievance Industry's Spawn

RickG_Prov_RI Wrote: Apr 20, 2014 8:52 PM
No they will not awaken. They will tear apart the last threads in the fabric of society and in one last act of folly elect the dictatorship that promises to save them.
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