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Here's a question. What happens when someone buys a cake and then puts their own message on it, takes a picture and states, 'cake baked by XYZ bakery." NOw XYZ can rightfully state they had nothing to do with the message they can't deny they baked the cake. Are their rights violated?
All that's missing is a USA, Iran and Cuba summit.
The sheople didn't go to the polls and lost the senate. The fearmongers will whip them up with the 'gonna put y'all back in chains' and it will most likely work. Expect a huge anti 'party of old angry white guys' rhetoric to take over any semblance of rational debate from here on out to November 2016.
Study the history of polytheistic paganism.
Just imagine where the economy could have been had there been bo obstructionism going on for the last four years........ How the Congress responds to that will determine the fate of the 2016 election.
And turn a profit?????
The OPEC emgargo ended when OPEC realized we were going to drill our way out of OPEC dependency. We screwed up by shutting down a significant portion of domestic emergy harvesting and bought OPEC's goods. Are we shortsighted enough to do it again?
If he revealed Classified info he is sworn to protect he isn't the first man who had his judgement overruled by sex but that doesn't exonerate him. CIA operators know the consequences when they sign on their clearance. He was the director
If I were one the Black Republican members of Congress I'd have to show up for work someday dressed as a Nazi and then the next dressed as a Klan member just to show the absurdity.
As for the issue of slavery being 'legal' in the USA it serves to remember that slavery existed worldwide long before the USA ever existed. Many nations who like to point out that slavery was abolished there before it was abolished in the USA do not, and will not, state an evident fact. Slavery was practiced in those nations for millennia. From the adoption of the U.S. constitution to the 13'th amendment slavery was legal less than one century.
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