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Can the Pope Shut Up Too?

RickG_Prov_RI Wrote: 32 mins ago (1:16 PM)
One more Anti-Pope won't end the church.
So now you get it. This is a conflict that is going on 1500 years old and pre-dates the 'great satan' USA by a long shot. The next time they're beaten back remember that turnabout is fair play. Whenever there is a Muslim conquest they erect a Mosque over the ruins of a rival church, cathedral or national monument. Pull a page from General Pershing and pull down the Mosques after conquest.
Hilary's "Businesses don't create jobs" was a big boost to any Democrat that had her come stump for them.
Dear Former Congressman Paul, The government of Viet Nam had not declared Jihad on all non-Marxists. You can take a forward defensive posture and fight now or hopefully be able to fight an underground war after you've been conquered via appeasement or indifference or even cowrdice.
When his remains are sent back it should rule out the possibility of him returning.
Perhaps those who equate all things spiritual as hate mongering should pay attention to some science. When an individual becomes entirely egocentric and materialistic the result is an 'existential void'. Generally the more extreme the void becomes the remedy for the void is acceptance of fundamentalism in its' most extreme forms. Basically it is the pendulum swinging from one extreme to the other. As ISIS is showing they are able to recruit western converts. It really is science.
Yep!!!! They deserve to be tried for their crimes but they did pay in to it.
Executive privilege over the operation saves the trouble of pardoning the participants one at a time. It's in keeping with typical laziness on Obama's part.
Next issue. What skin color is the Doctor who performed the independent autopsy?
Three posts on one push. Nice.
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