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Tax hike for repeal of Obamacare (both are popular). Thus, the President would get his tax hike and the people would get the repeal of ObamaCare (thus we could test if the President is serious about reducing spending!)
Let's use the lefts logic and ban autos since autos cause more deaths than guns!
Because Obama and the other politicians in DC are crooks!
Fiscal cliff can be solved. Accept higher taxes for the repeal of ObamaCare. See if Obama is seriou in fixing them problem (if he does not accept, then Obama could partial be blamed [Republicans blame can be reduced!])
Wise them up quickly - have them start paying the bill!
You are a supporter, otherwise you would not pay taxes just so they can be given out!
We can fix the fiscal cliff. Accept higher taxes for the rich with the condition that Obamacare is repealed (both seem to be high in the polls for American). Thus, see how serious Obama really is!
My exact feeling. Reid is a real poster child. 10 years ago he was only worth a million - now it is 10 million on a [poltician salary - what a crook. ObamaCare is another example - politicians are exempt while the people get screwed!
Call Obama's bruff - accept tax rate increase with the condition that ObamaCare is repealed. Both are favored by the American people and just might shine blame on Obama rather than Boehner!
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Senator Michelle Obama?

Richard1452 Wrote: Dec 07, 2012 4:21 PM
his a joke - she's not proud of America and last year she sid "all this for a stupid flag" at a memorial day
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Unemployment Rate Drops to 7.7 Percent

Richard1452 Wrote: Dec 07, 2012 10:44 AM
You are forgetting a few things. My daughter, by the way, has a Phd and it took her 2 years to get a job after moving back with us. Anyway, the numbers always come out lower to be increased the following weeks. And tell your story to those that are not counted anymore in the umemployment rate
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