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I agree with you that Obama is a murdering thug! What gets me he is that he has the balls to push "gun control" to protect the kids yet is willing to murder the kids by pshing abortion!
How many people were killed today by cars - too many. Maybe we should ban them them!
Because Morsi and the Brotherhood have control over Obama. Remember, once a Muslim, always a Muslim. His dad per those countries say what Obama is - ask anyone from Kenya who believe that Obama is a Kenyian!
The blind sheikh will be released in 2013. Why do you think Obama is trying to cover up the Benghazi story - word is the ambassador that was killed was suppose to be kidnapped and Obama would the release the ambassador in return to release the blind sheikh!
Both she and her sister (both crooks and found ways to get votes (fraud) feel that the Southwest and NOT only California belong to Mexico
She represented my districk before working for Obama. She was a socialist and union promoter. As the others, she owed taxes to the state of California, but paid it when she was picked by Obama
We did - we won the house. We did not CHEAT to win the Presidency like Obama. Even you should know that 100% is the maximum you can get on turnout and not 104% to a high of 157%!
Shouldn't we use same agruement that Obama is using for raising taxes - it is popular to raise taxes, but not as popular as repealing ObamaCare!
You are forgetting 2 things. First Obama was a socialist before he was a Democratic in Chicago. Two, Waters is also a crook as well as a self proclaimed socialist
Tax hike for the repeal of ObamaCare. Otherwise, no deal since spending cuts in this bill is a joke compared to tax increase. NO BILL IS BETTER THAN A BAD BILL. We need spending cuts!
I say it is OK for higher taxes and higher unemployment for the repeal of ObamaCare. This will test Obama and how serious he is to reduce spending.
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