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What the Tea Party people should do is NOT go vote. They were called RACIST by Cochran's people, and Cochran asked Democrats and NOT Republicans to vote for him. Thus, let him depend on the Democrats to get elected. Why vote for a man who is for BIG GOVERMENT just like democrats!
No, do NOT impeach now. Will go no were because of senate. Must wait until 2015 after the November election. The only way to get rid of Obama now is to REVOLT!
A vote for Hillary is a Vote for killer of Americans!
a poll came out last week: 24% of those whose insurance was cancelled got an ObamaCare policy. 70% of those who did not have insurance STILL do not want insurance!
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Poll: Hillary Clinton "Unfavorable"

Richard1452 Wrote: Dec 02, 2013 4:21 PM
Hillary Clinton for President. I can say just 2 words - "REMEMBER BENGHAZI". And while your at it, remember Vince Foster who committed suicide (?) in the woods!
There really is no one to blame but Obama. Kathleen Sebelius was doing what she was told. Most contractors were Obama donors. It was just pay back, which Obama does well. Heck, its not his money so he does not care!
Actually, Obama cheated. Even you should know that when voter turnout is over 100% in many areas that is voter fraud. That is why Obama & Holder do not want voter ID laws since the dead or multi votes would be more difficult (heck, even the voter worker in Cincey was dumb enough to go on national TV and brg that she had voted 6 times for Obama!)
This is for the UAW - screw American people and let them pay for the money going to Detroit (I mean unions). It is now time to have Congress say no or the people say no to their present government.
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