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The Cost of Todd Akin's Ambition

Richard141 Wrote: Aug 24, 2012 11:44 AM
The question that arises is "Did Akin actually win the race with Republican votes?" Some news has come out that he received money from Democrats and the Dems crossed over to vote for him. Akin did not court Dem money and votes, it's just that they wanted him as the opponent for McCaskill. With this in mind, he should step down and let a candidate who the Dems DON'T want run against McCaskill.

Congressman Todd Akin claims refusing to step down from the Missouri Senate race is his way of taking a stand to “strengthen our country… standing on a principle of what America is.” But Akin claims heroism where only self-preservation exists.

Clinging to this race may recklessly put at risk the nation and all the principles conservatives hold dear. By clinging to this seat, Akin may actually cost lives rather than saving them. Conservatives who still support his candidacy must remember how rabidly anti-life President Obama is…from cradle to grave. With the race so close, the smallest incident can tip the...