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How Real Can Romney Be?

Richard141 Wrote: Aug 30, 2012 5:55 PM
George Bush (the father) found out to his consternation about Democrat promises also. He was screwed by them more than Reagan was on "raise taxes and we'll cut spending". I guess if you ask them to cut the spending first, they'll just call you a homophobe, anti-woman, racist.
People seem to forget (or ignore) that the only reason Akin won the primary was because the demoncrats spent money in his favor and crossed over to vote for him. Even still, he did not win the majority of republicans voting in the primary. Yes, he voted conservative as a representative, but it's time to face reality. Your principled stand will do nobody any good when Obama nominates one or two more libs to the supreme court and McCaskill votes for them. Wake up.
Akin won the primary because the demoncrats funded ads in his favor and crossed over and voted for him. He did not win the majority of republican voters, even with the dems helping him out. His ego has caused him to put mimself before country and party. He needs to go.
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The Cost of Todd Akin's Ambition

Richard141 Wrote: Aug 24, 2012 11:44 AM
The question that arises is "Did Akin actually win the race with Republican votes?" Some news has come out that he received money from Democrats and the Dems crossed over to vote for him. Akin did not court Dem money and votes, it's just that they wanted him as the opponent for McCaskill. With this in mind, he should step down and let a candidate who the Dems DON'T want run against McCaskill.
Say what you want, Akin will never win this election. He needs to go.
Considering Aken won the nimination because of democrat money and votes, he needs to step down. Unless of course, he IS really a democrat who wants McCaskill to win. Then he should stay in the race.
You must be one of those democrats who want Akin to stay in the race so McCaskill will get re-elected. Go visit your friends at the Huffington Post.
Science backs him up? Oh, womens' bodies refuse to get pregnant when they are raped? Akins needs to bow out. He's too stupid to serve and there is too much at stake, like control of the senate and the next supreme court judge(s). Do you really want McCaskill voting for those? That would be worse than Obama getting in for the next four years. The supreme court judges from the next term will be there well after obama is gone.
But Akin was nominated with democrat votes and money. He's not the republican choice. He is the democrat choice. Time for him to go.
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