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An Open Letter to Mitt Romney

Richard141 Wrote: Nov 10, 2012 11:18 AM
Mitt Romney is a good man with a lot of class. He did not get down in the dirt with Obama during the campaign. I voted for him, but like the author of this article, I did wonder if it was better that he didn't get the mess that is now our government. It may be too far gone already. And as everybody knows, the democrats would have said that Obama was on the right track and Romney ruined the country. At least this way, they have nobody to blame but themselves, although that won't stop them from blaming others.

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Dear Mitt,

I have awakened on November 7 to learn that your bid for the presidency was unsuccessful. In the midst of the disappointment that I share with you, I want to thank you for devoting years of your life to the wearisome task of running for president. Millions of Americans are grateful to you.

You have been one of my heroes for the past 48 years. I still recall vividly the valiant cross country race you ran at our Cranbrook Homecoming in October of 1964—a race...