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Government Gone Bad

Richard1250 Wrote: Dec 12, 2012 10:44 AM
If you want to understand how sinister government really is, just tune in to local city government in any city in America. As John stated, people don't ask their representatives how many laws they repealed. Every city council clamors to find more arcane rules and regulations to politic, egrandize, debate, and push into onto the unknowing public. Every rule requires regulation, every regulation requires regulators. Government deludes itself into thinking it "creates jobs." But the more rules, the more regulations, the more government, the more taxes, and the less money left to actually hire people into real jobs. When the government disincentivizes the private sector from creating wealth, then the result is obvious -- no wealth for anyone.
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Not Enough Liberal Bias in Loony Land

Richard1250 Wrote: Dec 12, 2012 10:33 AM
Liberals holding liberals accountable for "fairness" to their sworn enemy? Really? They dropped the fairness doctrine shrill when they realized they didn't need it. With only Fox as the sole "fair and balanced" media source, the rest only have to compete amongst themselves for how much they hate the Right. Remember, that liberals are Socialists, and the most shrill amongst them are actually closet Communists. To the Communists, the "right" is anything less vicious than communism, ie socialism. Conservatism is not even in their bandwidth of attention, mainly because good communists take action to kill all conservatives when they come to power. Think about it. You can always trust a communist: To be a Communist.
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Grant's Greatest Regret

Richard1250 Wrote: Dec 06, 2012 7:46 AM
Just another Socialist troll, aren't ya'? Look in the mirror, pal. It's your government causing all of this strife, but thats how you want it, right? Get lost!
with an attention span shorter than Clinton's reach to his zipper. Yeah, we have to make sure the Socialist Democrats OWN their handiwork. The end result is already known and the timetable is pretty well set. The blame game will commence immediately, but the GOP must be on record, EVERY SINGLE DAY, stating exactly what is the cause of the impending financial disaster: the Democrat Socialist entitlement program spending spree and government expansiion they have overseen. When the inevitable collapse occurs, and only then, can the adults stand up and say to the infantile, "Sit down, and shut up! You've done enough damage already." Lets hope there will be enough time to clean up the mess and pick up the pieces . . .
Ann is absolutely correct. The Socialist Democrats MUST OWN their economy. It is absolutely insane that Obama got a huge mulligan for his feckless economic policy, two year spending spree, and Socialist agenda. No other president (at least in a modern world with somewhat real time media (ie, newspapers, telegraph, perhaps radio . . .) has ever received such a pass on four years of incompetence that did nothing to improve the lot of most Americans. Even FDR was answerable for the general direction of the war . . . GHWB got tossed for a fairly mild recession, after winning a war! Why? Because the MSM proved it could protray a philandering rapist as a better option than a war hero to an American public with an attention span shorter...
You can't rub two nickles together and get a quarter. The simple economics of it is that the "rich" are either going to pay more income taxes or more Obamacare fees. Its going to happen, so why stand around and argue the merits of taxing the "rich." If the most vocal of them are going to pull the lever for the Socialist Democrats, then let them pay for the privilege, because the majority of the taxed are going to pay more anyway.
"...eight of the 10 richest counties voted for Obama. ... residents invariably vote like welfare recipients. Seven of the 10 richest senators are Democrats." With those demographics, and Warren Buffet, etc bleating their affection for all things Obama, let 'em eat cake! The bottom line is that the "rich" are not people with incomes of $200k or more, when predominantly those are the small business owners whose "income" reflects their business revenue and not their real take home pay. But with Obamacare ready to kick in, the small business owner is already readying the blindfolds and cigarettes. The firing squad is already mustered. The result is already determined . . .
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"Forward" to the Obama Layoffs

Richard1250 Wrote: Nov 09, 2012 9:35 AM
As soon as Obamacare kicks in, companies will have wholesale dumping of their employee benefits (health, dental, etc) in favor of the government option. Why pay for a Cadillac and get a Chevy . . . just pay for the Chevy , oh, that will be at Cadillac prices. (Does anyone remember the Cimmaron?) Lower your expectations. Stand by people, this ride is just starting. Keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times.
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Washington Is On The Path to Athens

Richard1250 Wrote: Nov 09, 2012 9:06 AM
America is lost. We have become a Socialist country full of whiners, wimps, and welfare consumers. Effort and accomplishment mean nothing. The American Dream is officially dead. That Obama won reelection is not surprising. That American sentiment that the past 4 years of jam down, bare knuckle partisan politics, apologetic foreign policy, and a fleckless approach to economic recovery was satisfactory is utterly amazing. That the blame for the economy is with Bush and not Obama is completely insane. No Republican incumbent would have been granted such a mulligan. The MSM let Obama take a pass on any accountability, including allowing the murder of our ambassador to Libya and the overrunning of our consulate by armed enemies of our...
Obviously not. You have no concept of inventory carrying costs. The space is not free, the lights are not free, the racking equipment those pallets of garbage are stored in are not free. The labor cost to watch over this mound of scrap is not free. Perhaps you should venture to Colorado and partake of their recently passed marijuana laws . . . or perhaps you already have.
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