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Senate Democrats: Um, Let's "Postpone" Obamacare's Medical Device Tax

richard1088 Wrote: Dec 11, 2012 10:01 PM
Do NOT stop this tax on medical devices! Let them pay. Massachusetts, the trend setter in sodomite marriage, will loose tens of thousands of jobs from Boston Scientific and other companies; about 50,000 in the 7 major hospital complexes via other Obamacare penalities and costs; 50,000 to the gutting of the defense budget. LET THEM PAY THE GHETTO PIPER. DO NOT GIVE IN. RUN THEM OFF THE POLITICAL CLIFF!!!

What a pity.  If only someone had demonstrated the foresight to warn against the destructive consequences of Obamacare's medical device tax, they might have helped turn public sentiment sharply against the law prior to passage.  Oh, that's right, conservatives did -- and the American people rose up in opposition.  Now, the very actors who are most responsible for ignoring public demands and jamming through Obamacare are trying to "delay" or repeal a major element of their law, warning that it could stifle medical innovation and kill jobs.  Welcome to the party, guys.  You're about two years too late: