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"Let's Talk About the Violence in the Inner Cities"

richard1088 Wrote: Mar 18, 2013 6:49 PM
98% of ALL violent crime anywhere within ANY major or medium sized U.S. city is committed by blacks and other minorities. Going back to about 1954, over 50% of major felonies have been committed by blacks, despite the fact that their % of the overall pop. has been between 12-14%. Now you know why many Southerners fought to the death to maintain the walls of segregation: self-preservation. Check out colorofcrime on FBI stats (hidden after '91 (per order of Pres. Clinton)).

NRA News has released the first episode from their newest contributor Colion Noir, a young man who grew up in Houston. Noir is the first of many new, young and diverse commentators for NRA News. Noir's debut was announced a few weeks ago, sparking outrage among elites like Russell Simmons who told Noir on Twitter he has "no idea why" he would do a video for the NRA. Simmons went so far as saying Noir was being "used" by the NRA.

In his first episode, Noir takes on the gun violence problem in America's inner cities and the...

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