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Extreme Sentiment: Barron's Cover "Get Ready for Record Dow - We Told You So"; Top Call

richard1088 Wrote: Feb 04, 2013 6:30 PM
Obama is well aware of a coming bubble. This former ghetto organizer is trying to loot the Treasury ASAP - before things tank. His is a very personal, cultural and racial War on White Wealth. With reelection, he's empowered to war this assault openly and in brazen fashion. Unless the Republicans retake the US Senate in 2014, Obama will be unstoppable in his Ponzi hustle. Steal as much as fast as possible and laugh all the way back to his soon to be oceanside estate in Hawaii. THE PERFECT STING.

Looking for extreme sentiment?
Look no further than the cover of Barron's magazine.

The cover speaks for itself, but check out some of the commentary in New Highs in Sight

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