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Denver Cops to Obama: Don't Use Us as "Political Props" for Gun Control

richard1088 Wrote: Apr 04, 2013 4:24 PM
Obama is a sociopath. So, using people as props is to be expected. HOWEVER, "buck 'n chief" forgot his own cardinal rule: thou shalt NEVER have white males standing the brother's podium. Only women, blacks and Hispanics. A former ghetto hustler and ponzi schemer using the police as props.. who knew such as day would ever come.

Another Obama smack-down in the Mile High City.  The city's police aren't happy about being used as pawns in the president's latest bout of gun control posturing.  Via CBS 4 in Denver:


Many current and former denver police officers are not thrilled with today's event either. some say the president's request to have officers stand behind him during the speech makes them political props. the officers are being used to further a political cause that they do not...

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