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Impulsed based culture - blacks are in their prime time - a cheap, ghettoized, dumbed down, self-loving anti Christian culture of perverts, broken families and neo pagan cult movements on the brink of what will be a sudden and unexpected collapse - sometime this century.
Black folk have a well worn historical record of being unable to anticipate the future consequences of impulse based actions and decisions - cognitive impairment mixed with the neo pagan Democratic Cult is a potent witch's brew. Hillary is the new "non candidate" for 2016. She's politically finished - "yesterday's hip" political fashion statement. So yesterday!
Breaking CNN News: Meanwhile, the war against advanced man continues. Another black male with an illegal weapon shot 19 parade viewers in New Orleans. Brutes and savages - our future.
No US Constitution = No Legal Abortion/Child Sacrifice. Yup. Sad that conservatives worship on the altar of a masonic-deistic document that's proven to be our undoing. Translation = ANY unbaptized person should be PRECLUDED from sitting in judgment upon a Christian people and their value system. That means non Christians - period - on any judicial bench. You reap what you sow. Sad.
TRANSLATION: You are NEVER allowed to defend yourself, your race or European Culture against a Third World Uprising, be it in Libya, Egypt or Guatemala -- or here in America.
Translation, "Shake dat money tree som more, whitey!"
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Our Stained, Muzzled Military

richard1088 Wrote: May 10, 2013 10:55 PM
How about the unprecedented dismantling of our armed forces by this accursed descendant of Ham? He's emasculating our national defenses, sifting for ghetto cash. Check out any defense website: Aviation Week, Defense News, Aol Defense, defense-aerospace,,, defense weekly, defense industry daily. Under the radar, with a COMPLETE News Blackout. Amazing.
Behind closed doors? And we JUDGE other nations? Wow. A dictatorship to put Pravda to shame. American politics has melded into a strange mix of the neo pagan occult, ghettoization of our culture, values (and children), and an unrelenting war on truth, white wealth, white creativity and initiative, Western culture, and life itself. Obama is Rousseau's Noble Savage finally manifested after all of these centuries - a perverse and morally dysfunctional demagogue.- a brute.
Whites have enslaved themselves to their former slaves. Bizarre. Absolutely bizarre.
This physically repugnant woman - who got the face she deserved but long before age 40 - is finished politically. - "it be over" in street language. We've got to dust off her Chicago futures scandal (100k in one day); Whitewater; lies about the dangerous visit to Bosnia and now BENGHANZI (and her nasty response to get over it). DON'T FORGET THAT REPUBS CAN ALSO DREDGE UP HER CAMPAIGN VIDEOS ATTACKING OBAMA! WHY? IT WILL DECISIVELY DEMOTIVATE THE AVERAGE BLACK VOTER IN 2016. THAT'S WHY.
TeamGhetto is finished as a political force - and Clinton #2.
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