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Coming Soon? WH Misses Deadline Outlining Defense Cuts

richard1088 Wrote: Sep 08, 2012 8:17 PM
Obama plans to drop - by fiat - our strategic nuclear forces to 750 deliverable warheads and bombs, if reelected. China has 10,000 nuclear weapons (mainly in underground tunnels and bunkers (Georgetown Survey 2011)), and is planning to start MIRVing warheads, will allow delivery against American targets of 30,000 - 50,000 nukes (peak Soviet era (1983/1984) equivalent). Russia has 10,000 nuclear weapons (Bulletin of Atomic Scientists). IF Obama is reelected, he will set in motion a sequence of actions which will INVITE a Chinese Nuclear First Strike. Obama and China pose an EXISTENTIAL threat to the physical survival of American European civilization.

Off to a good start after the DNC, Team O missed the legal deadline to hand over a report telling Congress how it will implement spending cuts from sequestration scheduled for 2013. Never mind the fact that he signed off on the Friday deadline last month. Hey, he’s had a lot on his plate – figuring out $109 billion in automatic cuts can wait, right?

As we learned in Bob Woodward’s new book, the idea for sequester originated from the White House to begin with.  According to excerpts released from the book:

President Barack Obama’s...