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Armed Grandmother Stops Robbery, Knife Slashing at Grocery Store

richard1088 Wrote: Jan 11, 2013 8:31 AM
Going back to tracking statistics from 1956 fwd., over 50% of rape, robbery and murders has been committed by black males. Let me guess, black male attempting to rob convenience store? The only folks that will have guns, if guns are limited or banned, will, as everybody knows, be black and Hispanic thugs. The NY Post (5/12) relayed FBI stats: 98% of all street crime in NYC is committed by black and other minorities, 2% by whites. FEW ISOLATED AND INSULATED WHITE FOLK KNOW BUT IT HAS BEEN AN AGE OLD DREAM OF BLACKS TO BAN HANDGUNS. WHY WOULDN'T IT BE? WELL OVER 25% OF BLACK MALES AGE 30 OR OVER HAVE CRIMINAL CONVICTIONS. WHITE HANDGUNS IS THE BIGGEST THREAT TO THEIR CHOSEN PROFESSION!

When CNN's Piers Morgan goes on his anti-Second Amendment rants, he never acknowledges the drop in the overall U.S. violent crime rate. In the past ten years, more people than ever have received concealed carry permits and are arming themselves in their homes and on their property. As a result, rape, murder and assault are down. Responsible armed citizens stop violent crimes from happening everyday. The latest news comes from Wisconsin where an armed grandmother stopped the robbery of a grocery story and saved herself from a knife slashing in the process.

Robberies happen far too often,...

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