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Shutdown Theater

Rich656 Wrote: Oct 09, 2013 8:30 AM
"They'd rather have us worry about how America will cope." It's more a game of substitution. They're substituting "America" for "the government" in the above sentence. So rewrite that sentence to read "They'd rather have us worry about how the government will cope". To these politicians the government is America, and there is no America without it's precious, over bloated "Federal" government. Heard an interview on local radio the other day with a well known "conservative" media type; don't recall who it was, maybe Bozel, maybe Fred Barnes, but someone like those. Anyway, he was claiming we would start to see a direct economic slowdown because major government contractors would have to start laying employees off en masse. I thought to myself: you know what, maybe those businesses picked the wrong business model. Maybe they put too many eggs in one basket; the government basket. Another form of government dependency. By comparison, private sector businesses with no dependence on contracts from the federal government are feeling Zero negative impact from the slim down. How will America cope? First, one needs to ask; what is America without the 320 million individual Americans that give it substance? Just a name that represents an idea. What these politicians are afraid of is a loss of Relevance if Americans realize there's nothing to cope with in this so called government shutdown.