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“Hindsight is 20-20”: Boehner Regrets His Fiscal Cliff Strategy

Rich656 Wrote: Jan 27, 2013 6:36 AM
So, he blames the "younger" members of the House who may not be familiar with his pre-Speaker voting record. You know what, that was then, what have you done for us lately John? Maybe the younger members wouldn't be suspicious if Boehner actually had a spine, and used it. I mean really, he does the fiscal cliff deal, gives in on increasing "revenues"(can you say Tax Increase), claims that any new taxes are now off the table so we can focus on entitlement cuts, and what does the White House lawn jockey say, we need more revenues, and we're not cutting spending, and BTW, you need to increase the debt ceiling(which means increase spending). Maybe if Boehner weren't as easy to roll as a baby on the living room floor people would trust him.
Ronald484 Wrote: Jan 27, 2013 9:03 AM
Obviously you did not read the article with care. If you had you would have seen that he clearly is not blaming anyone but himself.

"Boehner was also forthright about the problems his strategy caused within the party." His strategy, not anyone else's strategy.

“It really has, in fact, caused somewhat of a breach that I’ve been in the middle of trying to repair.”
Again, the "it" refers to his strategy, not anyone else.

Try rereading it again, but this time take off your "hate Boehner" glasses.

By the way, if he had not done the "fiscal cliff deal," giving in on some tax increases, then everyone's taxes would have increased. I wonder just what all of you would have said if that had happened?

After the fiscal cliff deal was reached, House Speaker John Boehner made it very clear that he was done negotiating directly with President Obama. Not surprisingly, Boehner’s promise of a new strategy going forward has to do with regrets over how he handled the cliff negotiations.

In a private speech to the Ripon Society on Tuesday, Boehner said that he should have taken a different course after the November election by immediately demanding that the Senate produce a bill to avert the worst parts of a combination of tax increases and spending cuts that were due...