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NRMLUNITic; Darrell Issa's weapon's conviction. A misdemeanor charge for carrying a concealed weapon on his college campus when he was 19 years old. Fined $100 with 3 months probation. Burned down his own business but the insurance company couldn't prove it so they settled out of court. Then how do you know he burned down his business? Typical libtard thinking, Lerner shouldn't be in contempt of congress because Darrell Issa burned down his own business to collect the insurance money. Although there is no evidence to prove that I read it on the DailyKos and Salon so it must be true.
NRMLUNIT wrote at 9:52pm on Apr 10: "She took the 5th,which is everyones right and,that's the end of it." She took the 5th after making 17 factual assertions regarding the IRS targeting of Tea Party groups. In so doing she waived her right to the 5th. If a person did this in criminal court they would be held in contempt and compelled to testify, and put in jail until they agreed to testify. And if I'm not mistaken, the Supreme Court has found that a defendant waives their right to the 5th by simply saying "I'm not guilty". NRMLUNIT, you may want to watch Rep Trey Gowdy's take on Lerner and the 5th at:,-1,-1&refPub=1053&prs=true&scp=false&origSrc=740823&did=768542496&version=150846
My question, if you are found in contempt of criminal court you go to jail, Lerner is in contempt of Congress, why isn't she in jail?
Lerner "crushed", more like destroyed. Gowdy just ripped her to shreds. Wow! Spoken with a passion sorely lacking in most republicans.
"Holder expressed his view that no previous attorney general or president had ever had to deal with such treatment and that the reason had to do with race." This from a man who once said: "America is still a nation of racist cowards". Who's the coward Mr Holder? "deal with such treatment"? Really, does anyone remember how G.W. Bush's first Attorney General John Ashcroft was treated simply because of his religious beliefs? How he was slandered, defamed, and ridiculed by the left? IOW, if you don't agree with me then you must be a racist because I'm black. When you point the finger of racism just remember, there are 3 fingers pointing back at you. "It will take several more generations of hard work before the ideal of a truly colorblind society can be reached." This misses the point. As long as generations of minorities raise their children to believe that whites are racist, and that it's acceptable to blame their own failures on racism instead of their inadequacies, as long as minorities allow race hustling poverty pimps like Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton to be their so called "leaders", the "ideal of a truly colorblind society" will never be reached.
Ho hum, no surprise Obozo's 'confiscate it all, spend it all' budget failed again. Two dems voted for it so the LSM will probably report that the President's budget was defeated along strict party lines. "failure is passed off as result" - well ya, failure is always the result of incompetence, laziness, ignorance and stupidity. After five straight years of budgets that failed to gain support from even a minority of his party, it's obvious this guy is just throwing cr*p at the wall hoping something will stick.
"Joe 'the gaff man' Biden is admonishing his party to fight back against Republican "voter suppression" schemes." Ya, voter I.D. laws. "And the entire Democratic machine is coordinating to draw attention to the phony "pay gap for women" issue." Funny how the "pay gap" wasn't an issue when the dems controlled congress from 2006 to 2010.
"the battle to defend our nation’s fundamental freedoms isn’t over." As long as there are leftists the battle will never be over.
Another idiot who can't keep it in his pants.
We have no clue as to what you're talking about, then again, neither do you.
Mayors Against Illegal Knives has not responded to requests for comment.
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