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Obama's Biggest Fail Yet

Rich656 Wrote: Oct 19, 2014 6:26 AM
"Protesters Fail to Deter Pro-lifers From Rallying at DC’s Planned Parenthood" Probably because some of the Pro-Lifers were CCW holders and none of the pro-aborts were. Fact of the matter is our side is not violent, doesn't have to use inflammatory language or outright lies to convince the public. We don't have to assassinate the character of those we oppose on the left, all we have to do is point out the facts, the specifics of their agenda and people turn away. The left has to; I will say Must, lie to further their agenda, we don't. Which is why we must be demonized, demeaned, diminished. I think time will tell. Protests like this will eventually prove the point; no abortion is acceptable.
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Don't 'Vote for the Candidate'

Rich656 Wrote: Oct 14, 2014 5:03 PM
Exactly. Regardless of whether Romney ran against Obola or leftist ideology too many people didn't vote for him because he was the establishment pick, not conservative enough. By not supporting Romney they placed a defacto vote for Obola and got him re-elected. Yet can anyone on our side give one cogent argument as to why Romney wouldn't have been the better president? No. In the primaries I support the most conservative candidate running, in the general I vote for the republican, even if I have to hold my nose. It's a lot easier to sway the mind of a moderate republican on policy when they're in office, in Town Hall meetings, letter writing and telephone campaigns than it is to sway a leftist dem.
“In Michigan, over 225,000 folks have lost their insurance" Well, the important stat here would be how many women have lost their insurance, and how many single moms lost their insurance because of Obolacare. Another important stat would be how many Michigan women have lost their job because of Obolacare. Combine those in a response ad and it's golden.
A liberal woman putting her mouth where the money is. Now there's a twist. It's not rape if you take the money first, it's something else. He paid her five grand, what has she got down there, a golden fleece? Is she a victim of the "war on women", or was she just trying to close the "wage gap"? Racism: Over charging a Real African for a night in the (Y). To some women size does matter. The size of the check. I guess "Once you go black" is a myth started by a liberal white woman. "Hey, I got a million of 'em": Rodney Dangerfield.
Regarding modern unions Comrade Bill, their not the Buick your dad owned. Back when unions first started they did serve a valuable purpose for average workers. They helped to improve working conditions, work place safety, increase worker pay, protect workers from arbitrary termination. Their role in politics was to get work place safety laws and child labor laws enacted. But that was then, 80 years ago. Today it's a whole different story, socially, politically, and technologically. Bill mentions the decline in union membership. But why the decline if unions are so great for the worker? Right to work laws for one reason. These laws alloy employees to either voluntarily join a union or voluntarily pay union dues. Obviously when workers have a choice some chose to opt out. They don't feel the need to be represented by a union. Another reason, where unions use to push for work place safety, workers now have OSHA, making it possible for workers to report safety issues directly to the government. There's technology. 80 years of technological advances has eliminated many factory jobs once performed by under or minimally educated employees by automating them. One major benefit of automation is that it now takes the place of a human in highly dangerous jobs. cont'd below
cont'd from above Education. The advances in technology, especially since the 60's, has required us to change how we educate our children, and the focus of that education. Heck, even technology; I-Pads, laptops, help to educate our kids. Consider, 80 years ago a person could get a job with no more than a 8th grade education; auto repair, garbage hauler, truck driver, carpenter, etc. Today you can't get a job without at having at least a high school diploma or GED. And forget about getting an auto repair job unless you've gone to technical trade school, apprentice in a major auto maker dealership, and participate in annual training seminars to update skills. Top mechanics can make north of $80k a year. Politics. Union's have lost their way here big time. Early on they focused on workers' rights, pay, conditions, safety. They now support, and contribute to, every liberal cause from gay rights, to gay marriage, to abortion, to free healthcare, to global warming, if not directly then surreptitiously through the liberal politicians they give campaign contributions to. And many union members resent having the dues they pay used to support social issues they don't agree with. If unions don't evolve to meet the needs of the modern work environment, the needs and issues of the worker in that environment, they will go extinct.
DoctorRoy wrote: ........"The question is will it continue to be socialism for the politically connected select few or socialism for all." Since when were the "politically connected select few" ever socialists? They're not, never have been, never will be. Socialism as described by Marx was intended for the masses, not the elite leadership. Look at all liberals in the U.S.; Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Obola, etc., their policies are absolutely socialistic, and we're stuck with living by those policies. Yet they never do, they find ways to exempt themselves from the very laws and regulations they impose on we the masses.
"Yet when the government spends 1000 times that amount every year on scientists who agree with the government, no one on the Left sees the conflict of interest." No one on the left admits the conflict of interest. It's called hypocrisy.
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