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The NRA Is Going After Michael Bloomberg

Rich656 Wrote: 21 hours ago (7:07 PM)
"to tar the reputation of Michael Bloomberg, perhaps the country's most powerful gun control activist." Sorry, he's the country's loudest gun control big mouth, but you have no power if nobodies listening to you. Bloomberg is a gas bag who's supported by the usual suspects, he hasn't increased membership, only consolidated it. Unlike the NRA, which has the financial support of millions, Bloomberg funds his anti gun organizations with his own money and has the support of maybe a few thousand individuals. BFD!
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No Facts, No Peace

Rich656 Wrote: 21 hours ago (6:56 PM)
Basically; isn't that what the "acerbic" lady is saying?
Open skull cap, find no brain.
"The No. 1 cause of preventable death for young black men is homicide."....."isn't this a far bigger problem than the rare instance in which an unarmed black person -- unjustifiably or not -- is killed by a cop?" I asked virtually the same question responding to a TH column about Spike Lee's comment that "there is a war on black males". The only thing necessary to understand is that black on black crime isn't an issue because it doesn't further the leftist race baiting "America is racist" meme. On the other hand, incidents like Mike Brown and Darren Wilson do.
Hypocrisy is a necessity for the democrat party. If he D.A. had been a republican, and the governor a democrat, and the D.A. refused to resign, the thought that the governor should be investigated for vetoing the funding bill to force the resignation would never occur to anyone.
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Policing a Riot

Rich656 Wrote: Aug 20, 2014 11:16 AM
Again, it's all about Libertarians. I've read a couple column's written by libtard members of the LSM attacking the NRA for not commenting on the Brown shooting, as if it's somehow the blame of the NRA that a cop shot Brown. But I haven't read any blaming Libertarians. "The police do not have the right to execute suspects, unless there is no other way of stopping them and they pose an immediate threat to the safety of others." And the police officer. Nice of you to omit that. And in this case we know that Brown attacked Wilson, one of the injuries suffered by Wilson according to hospital records was a "blown out eye socket". So I would have to say that Brown did pose an immediate threat to Wilson. "execute" suspects? Really John? It's called "lethal use of force", unless the suspect has surrendered and been restrained. Oh and BTW John, Libertarians don't have a monopoly on concerns over the police overstepping their authority or misconduct. And by extension for that matter, any government controlled agency whether at the federal, state or local level. When was the last time the IRS investigated a Libertarian group applying for tax exempt status. Oh you poor Libertarians.
Being reported on local news here in Chicago this morning, a dozen witnesses who spoke off the record to reporters have supported the account of Ofc Wilson, and that most of the people responsible for the looting, throwing Molotov cocktails, etc aren't from the community.
Isn't it intriguing that media news outlets only identify the Ferguson cop as Officer Darren Wilson, but no one has identified his race. It's been assumed he is white; at least by the black rioters in Ferguson, but what if he's not, what if he's black? Yahoo news reports that Brown was shot 6 times, twice in the head and 4 times in the right arm, and according to the coroner the shots were fired at Brown's front. So he wasn't shot in the back and he didn't have his arms raised, he assaulted a police officer and is believed to have committed a strong arm robbery. The only thing "extraordinary" here is that the 1st autopsy didn't support the pre-autopsy "eye witness" accounts so Holder has to find a way to swing it back in that direction.
"and now some in the GOP, treat our interests as just a talking point." "Some" in the GOP? Who in the GOP, name names Kurt. Is it Rand Paul? Rand is a Libertarian not a Republican, and Libertarians have long held a isolationist non-interventionalist position on foreign policy. His father Ron even more so. So aside from Rand Paul, who in the GOP is week kneed on a strong military?
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