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Deporting 12 million illegals is not only impractical, it's not necessary. End welfare subsidies for illegals, if a person can't provide proof of citizenship then their kid/s can't enroll in school, punish employers who hire illegals, punish states and cities that promote sanctuary policies by withholding federal funding. Do that and a great majority of illegals will self deport.
Wow, this is out of left field. -- "We already have de facto amnesty" -- "What are you going to do -- round up 12 million illegals?" -- "They're doing jobs American just won't do," or -- "Our housekeeper, Lupe, is like family." Add: -- Pathway to citizenship -- Pathway to legal status -- It's not fair to deport children who were brought here illegally by their parents when they were babies Yes Ann, Eric Cantor supports amnesty, so do a number of members of the republican leadership, why single him out in your tirade. Why ignore Boehner and his blueprint for immigration that includes a path to legal status? A "path to legal status" may not technically be an offer of citizenship but it does give amnesty to people who committed the crime of breaking our immigration law.
Where's Charlie Crist when you need him?
"McCain said he didn't want to "be one of these old guys that should’ve shoved off.”" Note to John McLame, You Are "one of these old guys that should’ve shoved off.” a long time ago. A majority of Arizonans want McLame gone, then why did they re-elect him in 2010 instead of electing J.D. Hayworth?
"yet continue to risk their lives every day to do work which many call murder—but which these doctors believe literally saves lives." HUH? Late term abortion; a procedure performed as late 35 weeks(a normal pregnancy lasts on average 40 weeks) where the doctor injects a dose of digoxin into the fetus which causes a massive heart attack that kills the baby. First, at 35 weeks the baby is well past the fetal stage, fully formed and capable of surviving outside the womb. Second, "literally saves lives"? How? The baby is fully formed at that age, and the mother must still give birth to it even though it is dead. So how does giving birth to a developed dead child as opposed to giving birth to a live child prevent the mothers death?
Obviously abortion isn't so popular with Texas women.
"So Stevenson is fibbing about that." So it's only a "little lie" so it's not that bad. That's like saying a woman is a "little pregnant". She's either pregnant or she isn't. Stevenson is either lying or she isn't. And as Dr Sowell has written, why would an employer pay a man 23% more when he could hire an equally skilled woman for 23% less?
"It isn't only because of Obama's chilling effect, but because Obama is a Democrat and Bush was a Republican." No, it's because Obozo is a leftist and Bush was a republican. It's part of the left's ideology to destroy those with dissenting opinions. It occurs every day in the LSM, on college campuses(Prof Mike Adams for an example), and in public institutions.
Then there's Nancy Piglousy saying "she'd drain the swamp" for the mos ethical congress ever.
"Second, the United States government—like many world governments—heavily subsidizes the carbon-based energy industries while simultaneously passing “environmental regulations”". Again; Really? That's why countries like Spain, Germany and Australia, big subsidizers of the green industry early in the last decade have have been gradually reducing their subsidies last few years. Why? Because subsidizing those industries was bankrupting those countries. Australia for instance will end all green subsidies before the end of the year and expects to be working with a budget surplus by 2015. And BTW, Neither Germany or Spain have carbon based energy industries To subsidize.
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