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Aunt of Boston Terrorists: 'They Couldn't Have Done This'

Rich656 Wrote: Apr 19, 2013 6:26 PM
"it was a set up". Guess she didn't see the video of one of them setting the backpack down by the 8 year boy who was killed. This is after all a woman's response, how often do we hear a mom, or aunt say "Yep, my son or my nephew was a psycho, he put kittens in a garbage can and tossed in firecrackers, beat up smaller kids, stabbed a dog for no reason". Leave the woman be, she's grieving. As for "they liked the U.S.", well something caused them to change their minds. If the kid decides to go SBC we'll never know why, if we get him it'll probably turn out to be he hates us because we support Israel, or we invaded Iraq, or we don't do enough to help Muslim Chechins, or we're at war with Islam, or something like that. As it always is.