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Obama On Ga$: Ending Oil Speculation Is "How We're Going To Solve The Problem Once And For All"

Rich1519 Wrote: Apr 18, 2012 6:43 AM
The man-child is an insufferable boor. Only the terminally stupid could buy into his nonsensical rhetoric. Solar and wind power, and bio-fuels, what do they have to do with lowering the price of gas at the pump? NOTHING! How do they reduce our dependence on "foreign oil". THEY DON'T! We don't import foreign oil to light, heat or cool our homes, we have coal fired, nuclear or hydro-electric plants for that. We have natural gas up the ying yang that most people use to run their furnaces or cook with. Yet he wants us to believe that solar or wind generated electricity, which will be used to substitute for coal fired electric plants will somehow lower the price of gas.
MacQ - Texas Wrote: Apr 18, 2012 9:19 AM
It's not about a good policy for Americans.
Having taken over health care (about 17% of the economy), energy is next. Once that's in the bag, the govt owns the economy. that's the goal.

Where there's a solution there's Barack Obama...and Eric Holder and Tim Geithner as window dressing.