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Michelle Obama's "Food Deserts," Aren't Actually Food Deserts

Rich1519 Wrote: Apr 19, 2012 1:47 PM
Someone needs to tell the Duchess of Chaffington that before she starts worrying about someone elses obesity problem she should hop on the treadmill for a few months and take care of the one she has located at her south 40. Kelly D. Brownell finds that "if you are looking for what you hope will change obesity, healthy food access is probably just wishful thinking.” So there you have it Moochelle, you can wish in one hand and crap in the other and see which hand gets filled first. As with all things libtard try, it's all about increasing the size of the dependent class, and expanding the government, in this case it's couched as a pipe dream called "Let's Move". Ya, let's move the Duchess and Hussein out of the White House in January 2013

As part of her big-brother-knows-best "Let's Move!" campaign to combat childhood obesity, Michelle Obama has been arguing that certain inner-city urban neighborhoods and rural communities are "food deserts," where it's difficult for residents to find access to fresh, healthy, and nutritious food. Mrs. Obama's solution is for the federal government to funnel public money (or, as her esteemed husband might faultily term it, "make an investment") into bringing healthy food retailers into these neighborhoods. But, as with many centrally-planned nanny-state endeavors, the First Lady's taxpayer-funded project fails to attack the real core of the problem, ignores secondary effects,...