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"Republican activist Rob Eno imagined a counter-scenario: Suppose Nancy Reagan invited President Obama to debate Mitt Romney at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California. Would anyone fault Obama for declining such an offer?" Different scenario, Rob Eno leaves out the important qualification of Nancy Reagan abstaining from endorsing a candidate. Now if Nancy Reagan agreed to that qualifier and Oblabla declined, then yes he would be faulted, and rightly so. If on the other hand Nancy Reagan took the position Vicki Kennedy did, then most likely he would not. As it is, with 3 other debates pending, 1 declined here or there really won't make much; if any difference.
Doug covers almost all the bases, except the parents of these little rat bustardos. My first thought was to deal with this like they do in Singapore; public caning. But why stop there, the parents should be equally punished for they are more responsible for the behavior of their illegitimate spawn than the kids are. After all it was under their tutelage that these POS's learned this behavior was acceptable. I'm with Giles on one thing, a rap across one of their faces with the back of a hand would have been the simplest cure for this problem.
Here's the rub, they use the vernier of "rights" to justify their position. Because it always breaks down to benefits. Just what rights does marriage give them that a civil union doesn't? None. Hetero couples can chose civil unions instead of marriage and still receive the same Rights as well as benefits as those that get married. Statistically 2.5% of the U.S. population claims homosexual orientation, of that 2.5% only 20% or so insist on the "right" to get married. So what's 20% of 2.5%? 1/2 of 1%. Were now supposed to re-order our society, change 5,000 years of human social order to accommodate 1-1/2 million people? Give me a break. One thing is for sure, there are more heteros advocating "gay marriage" than gays.
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Anne, these are all inconvenient facts for liberals. As evidenced by the fact that liberals either discount or ignore them altogether when blaming Bush's tax cuts for Zero's economic woe's. They also claim at the same time that under Bush's administration more jobs were shipped overseas than under any other president. Even if that were factual, with an average 94.8% employment rate during his administration; considered Full employment by economists, then where else were companies to go to make the goods demanded by our full employment economy? If the available labor force in the U.S. was virtually empty then it also begs the question of why; if jobs were being shipped overseas, why wasn't the unemployment rate going up?
I wonder what Romney's first act as President will be: repeal Obamacare or fumigate the WH?
Holy Shi'ite! That was the first thing I thought when I saw the picture about 6 o'clock this morning. Is he morphing into Mussolini?
This is beyond arrogance. What we're seeing here is extreme narcissism evolving into a sociopathic disorder. He actually believes he should be the most important thing in our lives. What's next, sacrificing our first born to thank him for the bounty he has blessed us with? OMG; Obama Must Go!
That all you got?
Follow up to my previous comment: the unions are a big pile of B.S.! The only way they can survive is if they force membership. Eliminate FORCED union dues and make them Voluntary and unions, public or private will shrivel up and dissolve. If they didn't just disappear they would be so impotent they couldn't negotiate the price of a hot dog at lunch. And, if unions were doing such a great job, why aren't they catching on in right to work states? Why did 2/3rds of the membership bail in Wisconsin after union dues were made voluntary? What's up with that? If unions are so great why are their members leaving every time they're given the opportunity instead of joining?
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