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As much as I appreciate Condi's conduct while Sec State; the dignified manor in which she represented the U.S. to foreign leaders, her faithful administration of Bush's foreign policies, we know very little about her social philosophy. Yes, she does have a "mildly" pro-choice mindset, but apart from that, what is her position on big government v smaller government, where does she stand on Oblablacare, or welfare reform. What does she think about the president enacting laws by fiat; executive order without the consent of the people? Or out right ignoring judicial rulings against it, or not enforcing laws he disagrees with.
cont'd Honestly, I don't want Romney imitating the libs by picking a VP simply to fill a quota. I don't want him choosing the most qualified woman to prove he's not a misogynist, or the most qualified black, Hispanic, Asian, Martian, etc. to prove he's not racist. I want him to pick the most qualified person he can get who wants the job. What their race or sex is makes no difference as long as they're the Most qualified person Available. It's the libs that pick candidates based on their race, or sex, if Romney does that he scuttles his own ship.
Hope Florida purges the voter rolls of Mickey, Donald, Snow White, Pop Eye, Olive Oil, Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, etc.. Oh, how hard is it to think voter fraud when there are 20 Lakishas, or 15 Jermains registered to vote with multiple addresses within the same zip code of the inner city? Who could possibly think voter fraud when 20 registered voters are using the address of the same condemned building as their residence. Nope, no voter fraud there. There's no possible way Senór Pablo Escobar, who can't speak 1 word of English, who waits outside the local Home Depot with Pedro, Javier, and Manny waiting for a contractor to offer him 10 bucks an hour to hang drywall for the day is committing vote fraud when he votes. Naw! cont'd below
cont'd The libs support their "look the other way" (because they'll vote for us) philosophy by Claiming that no such cases of voter fraud have ever been proven. Well, if everyone took the same position on shoplifting; "look the other way", the same argument could be made. Since there were no shoplifting convictions(because everybody looks the other way) store owners should be prevented from locking their doors when they close for the day. Since many places no longer require Any I.D. to vote, how do we know for sure Mickey Mouse or Mary Poppins hasn't voted, and won't vote again in the future. cont'd below
cont'd And while we're looking the other way, since many places don't require I.D. to vote, how do we know some welfare mavin who's committing welfare fraud by receiving welfare subsidies under 3 different names with 3 different social security numbers isn't voting 3 different times in 3 different precincts in her area? Well, we don't. But since we're looking the other way, it couldn't possibly be happening now could it. One-year-old Jayilah Allen(of the far south side of Chicago) was shot in the head during a drive-by shooting, at 1:30am April 12, 2012 while sleeping in his bed. Now if you're a liberal you would have to believe it just didn't happen. After all, there has been no conviction in the case.
Shubi wrote @ 8:23am: "Within the next 20 years, doctors will be able to eliminate disease genes from an individual and replace them with benign genes." Not likely if Obamacare isn't repealed.
"Wendal wrote: Stop dissin' the bro honkey." Give me a break. Who writes like that? I know uneducated welfare blacks living in the inner cities of America talk that way, but do they really write that way too? He continues: "racist, sexist, homophobe bigot". Where have I heard that before? Oh ya, Limbaugh. Except Rush says racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe. It may be true that the 1st person to call another a name in an argument loses the argument, but it's also true that the person who calls another such names is usually describing themself. If Wendal is black(and not white writing as black) then he just outed himself as racist. Obviously to the Wendals of the world, cont'd below
cont'd ...no matter how much one may disagree with the destructive policies of the president, no matter how much evidence one can offer to support the contention that the policies are destructive, it doesn't matter, this president is black so therefore you're a racist. Which is to say that if the president were white, these destructive policies would be acceptable. If the president were white, people would enjoy the suffering they're enduring from bad policy decisions. If the president were white 8.2% unemployment would be acceptable. If he were white, 50% of the population being on food stamps would be acceptable. cont'd below
cont'd How much sense does that make? Sadly, evidence shows that most black people Do find it acceptable to be screwed over by a president who's a "brotha" rather than by a bad white president, that 14% black unemployment under a "brotha" is more acceptable than 8% unemployment under a white president. Well that's liberal think; it doesn't require sense, logic, or evidence, just the willingness to lie, fabricate, insult and name call.
"Electing Romney won't change a thing either"? That statement speaks volumes to your ignorance.
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