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Twenty Things this Conservative Believes

RhymesWithRight Wrote: Jun 01, 2012 9:36 AM
Consider this additional example. A few years back, a couple of my students decided to pull a prank by egging my car on a boring Saturday night. The result was $2000 in paint damage to my car -- felony criminal mischief in the state of Texas had I pressed charges. Is this really the sort of offense that merits the loss of rights you propose?
Mother of 4 -- the original Wrote: Jun 01, 2012 10:21 AM
Why not?

What they did was the same as if they'd stolen $2000 from your bank account.

1) Any illegal alien caught in this country should be forever barred from legally visiting this country, working here, or becoming an American citizen.

2) If you take welfare or food stamps or if your kids have to get free meals at school, you should be ashamed. Your kids should feel ashamed by your failure, too.

3) There is no such thing as a conflict between Christianity and science or a reason for any Christian to have his religious beliefs override any conclusions that he'd reach by simply following the science. Any and all apparent conflicts between science...