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Here's an example of the problem with over criminalization --
20) There's no way a felon should ever have the right to vote, own a gun, or teach children among other activities Unless and until we cut down on the number and variety of crimes classified as felonies, I must disagree. Even then, I have qualms about stripping away the RIGHT to keep and bear arms, on the same basis I don't believe we can legitimately strip them of their right to freedom of speech, religion, or due process of law. Rights are rights, not privileges - and I only accept the revocation of the right to vote because it is written into the Constitution itself.
Back to the disagreements. 18) No naturalized American citizens should ever be eligible for food stamps, welfare, school lunches, or any other hand-outs from their fellow citizens. If the notion of equal protection of the laws is to have any meaning, establishing a two-tiered system of citizenship is antithetical to it..
Gotta disagree with you on a few of your points. 7) On average, government workers should make less than people who do the same jobs in private industry. Not really -- because the result would be that the government would scrape the bottom of the barrel Do you really want to see only the worst and dimmest working for the government? 13) If you sue someone and lose, you should have to pay his legal bills. Not always -- but that standard certainly should be applied in more cases than it is now
On the flip side, I don't see where NOW gets off attacking gestational surrogacy. After all, aren't they the folks who bring us the whole "my body, my choice" argument on "reproductive choice? What business do they then have when women make the "reproductive choice" to bear a child on behalf of someone else? Or are they exposing that the only "choice" they support is the destruction of an unborn child?
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