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Fantasy Wrestling: Barack the Fundamental Transformer v. The Dread Justice Roberts

RHSimard Wrote: Feb 04, 2013 10:51 PM
Roberts blinked on Obamacare, all right, but at least he did assert that the so-called penalty for failing to purchase insurance was a tax. Somehow, not knowing otherwise, I get the impression that determination could be used to advantage as the axe gets ready to fall.

It could happen--Barack Obama and John Roberts in an epic clash. For institutional, ideological, and personal reasons, the two charismatic heavyweights may be on a collision course.

Obama is a fierce competitor who climbed the ranks from local Chicago pol to president in just 6 years. He envisions a different American society--more liberal and redistributive, with a government powerful enough to make it happen. His ambitious Second Inaugural prompted even the New York Times to fit into print “Obama offers liberal vision.”

From preserving every inch of turf held by our overdrawn entitlement...

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