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E Pluribus Platinum

RHSimard Wrote: Jan 05, 2013 1:35 AM
This is a ludicrous idea, but there's a strange sort of fantasy coming from it. There, this coin is manufactured and delivered as described. The untutored masses dance in the streets to discover that their favorite gravy-train projects are suddenly in hyperdrive and that they'll be collecting unimaginable numbers of dollars, which happens. Then, when the ordinary, everyday monetary mechanisms regain equilibrium, they experience a supersized version of Germany's experience in the days of the Weimar Republic of hyperinflation after WW1, and that the only people who really came out ahead are the ones who manufacture the wheelbarrows everyone needs to cart their insanely devalued currency around.

Part of the Caroline chain of islands Yap was first a colony of Spain before Germany took control. The island had many unique qualities, including its people, dress, caste system, and money. In fact, to this day Yap (now part of federation of Micronesian countries) is probably best known for their currency and scuba diving.

The good folks of Yap use stones ranging in size, up to 12 feet in diameter as money. These circular slates were brought in from surrounding islands, often on makeshift rafts and small boats.

Legend has it, 500 years ago after getting lost at sea a...