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It sounds so hackneyed, sure, but it's so appropriate: insofar as the reaction from the left, and lamestream news in particular, what will it be compared to what it would be if a staunchly conservative Republican had said it?
AN incompetent president...
Jimmy Carter could reveal a mean streak now and then, but he was primarily clueless and incompetent, in over his head. Obama's great danger is that he is NOT incompetent--at least, not at what he's trying to accomplish. And incompetent president, yes, but the presidency is not what he's after; its a socio-political-economic agenda, and the presidency is the toolkit, the means to that end.
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Help President Obama Resume WH Tours!

RHSimard Wrote: Mar 13, 2013 9:40 AM
How about staying in Washington and doing that president stuff* instead of traipsing all over the place to stage those demagogic dog-and-pony Greek-chorus shows? (* "Top Gun," Goose, sanitized)
Shh!! Don't let Chris Matthews hear you or he'll be trumpeting that over the media before dinner time.
I love that "right" Obama has to be president. Sure, (birthers aside) he has the right to RUN for president, but somehow this quote gives me the impression that some this scofflaw thinks "right" to the Oval Office is rather beyond that.
He's also encouraging us to do so conspicuously, via whatever media we have at our disposal. As it is, we do, as you say, ignore them, which means nobody hears our reasons except each other.
"I'm gonna take off m' coat and roll up m' sleeves, Turn on the teleprompter and give another speech, Act real cool and talk real soft, Then go out and play another round o' golf, Go party at the White House and put on a show, Board Air Force One and away I'll go, T' blame George Bush and his capitalist ways, Then shoot a few hoops and call it a day." Ray Stevens, "Mr. President, Mr. President!"
Ah, finally someone puts a finger right on the real problem! We should put together a contest: Big prize to anyone who can identify even one real problem this world faces that ISN'T Bush's fault. ;-)
"Test scores WILL improve, students," said Mr. Smith, gripping the stock of the rifle with one hand and slowly tapping the other with the barrel..."
Considering that they were going as members of the Kansas Federation of Teenage Republicans and thus aware and consciously focusing on government and politics, I daresay they'll be learning a lot more from this than anyone might have expected.
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