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Liberalism Versus Blacks

rhough Wrote: Jan 16, 2013 8:24 AM
There are plenty of Christian churches and preachers (me included) that do not hold to the liberal view that any sex outside of marriage between and man and a woman is okay. It is not American Christianity that purports perversions of this sort. It is those who do not hold to the view that the Bible is the Word of God. They are the ones who toss it aside or pervert the interpretation within and may, in fact, not be Christian at all. But then, Thomas is addressing another issue all together... The falsehood of liberal thinking that, like Lance Armstrong, continues to lie about the cause and effect of the ills in society that liberal thinking is responsible for. Lance is confessing (finally), so let us all confess our sinful/lying ways and...
rhough Wrote: Jan 16, 2013 8:25 AM
seek to live as God in Christ Jesus teaches us to live in love and care for our neighbor... to love mercy, seek true justice for all and walk humbly with our redeeming God and Savior!
There is no question that liberals do an impressive job of expressing concern for blacks. But do the intentions expressed in their words match the actual consequences of their deeds?

San Francisco is a classic example of a city unexcelled in its liberalism. But the black population of San Francisco today is less than half of what it was back in 1970, even though the city's total population has grown.

Severe restrictions on building housing in San Francisco have driven rents and home prices so high that blacks and other people with low or moderate incomes have been driven out of the city....