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Blacks Are Fed Up with Obama; It’s about Time!

rhoover Wrote: Feb 17, 2013 3:38 PM
Pinenee In that lays your problem. Who cares what a person walks like or looks like it is what is inside of you that matters. I have meet and work along some of the finest people who were black and was proud of what was accomplished by all of us. The problem is as you stated your leader since 1960 is Jesse Jackson you have forgot the teachings of several more proment Blacks including Dr. King. I grew up in Alabama during the 60's and was glued to every work Dr. King had to say. My friends were and are kids who grew up share croppers. They have moved on from those days to get jobs without a government handout (LBJ's) or anyone elses they made it on their abilities. Next
rhoover Wrote: Feb 17, 2013 3:42 PM
If you call them African Americans they will tell you that they are Americans who's ancestors came from Africa. We never judged anyone by color just ability and there is enough lazy to go around in all races. BY the way I am Godfather to three of my friends kids and could not be prouder.

An increasing number of blacks appear to finally be getting angry with Obama. It’s just too bad it took four years and voting for Obama a second time for blacks to realize the president doesn’t care about their interests. Immigration and the president’s determination to get legislation passed granting amnesty to an estimated 11-20 million illegal aliens seems to be the straw that broke black liberals’ backs.

Recently some Black Americans have been calling into black talk radio shows like “Keeping it Real with Al Sharpton, complaining immigration is not an important issue to them. This is despite Al Sharpton’s...