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What Went Wrong Last Tuesday

Rhonda8 Wrote: Nov 12, 2012 7:47 AM
I really hate the "old white man " definition of Republicans. It's simply not true. This is another way they try to divide the country, to disenfranchise a group with the "racist" label. There were almost 60 counties across the country which had at least 10% more registered voters that actually existed in them. When a good portion of the nation are NOT voters, why the need to register. I can tell you that more than 80% of my co-workers don't vote, never have. So, how did Obama get so many votes? Watch two little documentaries titled, "We Will Not Be Silenced 2008" and "American History In Black & White". The first is not finished and can only be seen on their website. Watch them, now! They answer the question The Dems = voter fraud 160yrs
How about a couple of books which remind us why we're Conservatives. How about a couple of history books which provide critical information we SHOULD HAVE learned in school. One quite important one is titled, "American History In Black & White" (also is in DVD documentary majority info on post Civil War). There is one which should be read directly after that one is, "Unfounded Loyalty" (covers the lies about the Civil Rights Era). The third one is, "Liberal Fascism" (covers the history of the Socialists and their goal to change the US). READ!!!!
What's sad is, the liberals still hanging on to the "progressive" (aka Socialist) agenda when we have so many examples that it doesn't work. Not only that but that years after the USSR fell and Cuba has demonstrated that the poor remain poor, and that most of Europe has had at least 10% unemployment for two decades. Why? Because most of Europe has adopted Socialist ideology. Take a had look at ANY country which has Socialized medicine, wealth spreading policies etc and ask yourself why it is THEY who haven't been out in front economically. Then, ask yourself why major corporations have partnered with foreign companies to move manufacturing? Contrary to what Obama says (mental midget) they DON'T get a tax break, they avoid high taxes.
I suspect that those so-called unemployment numbers have been falsified. They'll do anything to get their horse in the race re-elected and fudging numbers is a favorite of liberals. They over-sample Democrats when polling for the presidential race so, what makes ANYONE want to trust the unemployment numbers "shifting" in favor of the spending policies of the President? These are government agencies (under the current administration) which are providing the new percentages which amazingly enough have come out in time prior to the election. They want to show that they have the ideal method to "heal" the economy and that's tax and spend. We KNOW this doesn't work because the Depression lasted 8 years longer than it should have due to the same
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Issa: Eric Holder Didn't Do His Job

Rhonda8 Wrote: Sep 20, 2012 9:14 AM
This administration is FULL of liars! The very word Democrat translates to liar. All through history, they've lied and lied. What is wrong with this Fed Hearing?! Back in 2009, Holder bragged in a speech in Cuernacava Mexico that their dept (DOJ) received millions $ for their "Operation Fast and Furious"/"Gun Runner". He is no doubt the one who planned the anti-American/anti-Second Amendment operation. This Administration hates America, everything it stands for and wants to "transform" it into some sort of Socialist country. I say, "Mr Obama, the world has tried that already, for decades. There is NO "getting it right" because IT DOESN'T WORK! Only true Republics will work. Get this hater out of the White House; fire him in November!!!!!!
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An Appalling Statement from the President

Rhonda8 Wrote: Sep 11, 2012 9:19 PM
Instead of meeting with Netanyahu over the recent crises at US Embassy locations in the Muslim world, Obama will be on David Letterman. Why don't some of the New York Jewish community show up and "boo" Obama or at the very least, picket the studio?!!!!
I've read some comments of folks who really didn't "get" his speech. He said, "I've got Obama standing here and I would like to ask him....." His speech was actually an imaginary dialogue between himself and Obama. He had some hesitations and so forth, sure, no big deal; the audience was interrupting him a bit. and after all, he is 82 years old....But really, listen to it again and you'll hear him as he tried to demonstrate what a conversation with Obama would be. Eastwood remains polite while a Leftist has no response/defense but name-calling and personal attacks.
There is a small number of atheists who also oppose redefining marriage but because science CANNOT provide proof that gays were "born that way". The weak claims of genetic proof are laughable. If one knows science, he cannot accept the "born gay" meme.
This vitriol from the Left is the very reason I'm ashamed I waited so long to leave the Democrat Party and become a Conservative. Why is it NO ONE from the Left calls out ANYONE from their own political leanings on their baseless and brainless attacks on conservatives? They are so fill ed with hate, the very thing they accuse conservatives of. I can't understand why there aren't more people like me who are fed up with the liberals and defect. None of these idiots with their knee jerk reactions have picked up a history book written by any other perspective (in other words, FACTS) than the "progressive". Why would they when the Liberals have had control of education in this country for decades!? I ask , "Do you like being brainwashed?"
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Obama's Swiss Cheese Campaign

Rhonda8 Wrote: Jul 05, 2012 4:22 PM
Isn't it slightly (understatement) on the illegal/unconstitutional side to accept money from folks outside the US? He did the same thing in "08 when he campaigned in Germany, didn't he? Isn't anyone going to call him on this and expose the obvious "foul"? Doesn't this reek of dirty diapers?
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