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40 Reasons Not To Re-Elect Barack Obama

RHofmeister Wrote: Aug 24, 2012 2:55 PM
#15 I get it, each and every billionaire and millionaire in this country became successful on their own, with absolutely no help or contributions from their family members, peers, friends, etc. Bill Gates runs Microsoft on his own, he writes every programming code, every line of text, he does all the manufacturing and shipping. No help from others whatsoever. People who are successful are usually smart and hard-working, I'm not debating that point, but there's others that have helped them along the way and have given them the opportunities to become successful. There are many people in this country who are not nearly as lucky.

1) Obama took 700 billion dollars out of the Medicare program and put it into his wildly unpopular health care program. This is despite the fact that even Obama has admitted,

Medicare in particular will run out of money, and we will not be able to sustain that program no matter how much taxes go up.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will put that money back into the Medicare program where it belongs, while Obama won't.

2) Barack Obama's stimulus plan cost more than the Marshall Plan, the Louisiana Purchase, and putting a man...