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Netanyahu at the UN: Iran and Al Qaeda "Are All Rooted in the Bitter Soil of Intolerance"

rhitchcock Wrote: Sep 28, 2012 1:02 PM
It's easy to understand why the Islamist are so intolerant! Their religon is a total farse,a cult designed along socialist and facsist patterns. The is no historical data other than heresay to back up Mohammed or any other spiritual leader that claims to started the cult. No monuments ,no scrolls, no writtings of any kind at the time that says it really happened or for that fact that Mohammed was even a real individual person. We have learned through out history that if you want to build a base of believers keep lying and kill any and every one that challenges you. Old dog, old trick, but it still doesn't make it any thing more than it is a cult relying on make beleive.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu just wrapped up his remarks at the 2012 United Nations General Assembly in New York City which included literally drawing a red line for Iran, showing the world the status of Iran’s nuclear program and pointing out  the dangers of radical Jihad. Netanyahu also solidified, once again, Israel’s right to exist.

“Three thousand years ago, King David reined over the Jewish state in our eternal capital of Jerusalem,” he said opening his speech. “I say that to all of those who proclaim that the Jewish State has no roots in the region and that...