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That was Obamas intent from the beginning. Didn't he say that he would fundamentally change America? Well, he's doing a great job of it.
Rory's wife is named Cindy.
No. Chelsey Clinton is married to Marc Mezvinsky.
If Fienstein has her way, reporting issues like this from citizens will be illegal. She wants the news reported only by "certified" reporters. Any citizen that isn't affiliated with the lame stream media and informs others about what the government is doing will be prosecuted. There goes the first amendment. Why can't we get rid of these people who are destroying our constitution? They all swore to protect and defend the constitution when they were elected. Isn't what they are doing at least perjury? Isn't that a crime? That goes from the top down. They are all perjurers.
Ever hear of voter fraud? That's how he keeps getting reelected.
They're not spineless, they're democrats-lite.
Yeah. From us to them.
We also need to oust the republican leadership (AKA RINOs).
No but he could have ruled Obamacare unconstitutional.
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A Warning to Conservatives

rhirschmann Wrote: Apr 07, 2014 7:46 AM
You're right. The Republicans are trying to clean all true conservatives out of their party. They don't seem to realize hat the grass roots that support them are conservative. We want to clean out the RINOs that are running this show. However the RINO leadership will never nominate ANY true conservative. That's why we keep losing elections. The grass roots that vote are disgusted with the people who are nominated. When all is said and done we have a choice of voting for a democrat or a democrat-lite. With that choice, why even vote at all?
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