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When it comes to people losing their life lies do matter.
I hope the hell so. She should be charged with everything she can be charged with for the murder of these four men and for lying under oath. She is done in my book and should be done in every Americans book if they love this country and the people who die for it.
That is so true. They lie about everything that will benefit them. I am sick of all the lies the democrats are telling. If only people knew what the lies were but the main stream media is keeping them quiet. We are the people who do not benefit from their hiding the truth from the American people who supported Obama
Yes he did say what you mentioned but he has always said that. Because of pre-exsisting conditions people cannot get insurance. Also since college graduates can't get a job he wants the parents to be able to keep them on their insurance. What in the hell is wrong with that???? he is just doing what the people want and has always sated that. It is the bad parts of Obamacare he wants to get rid of. I am one of the ones who can't get insurance because of my condition and with Obamacare it is costing me a lot of money and then they do not pay for everything I need. So Romney will keep that and improve it a lot.
Romney is the worst candidate that they could be for. He has put so many negative ads on that I would not vote for him just because he does that. I can't believe that people could fall for his crap he puts out there. He is just another Obama and I will not be part of the republican plan to nominate this man for president. I would rather not vote then to vote for Romney. Newt Gingrich is the only one worth voting for and he has the plans to get america back on track. Newt 2012!!!!!
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