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Double Murder on "Gun-Free" College Campus in Wyoming

rhinegarten Wrote: Dec 02, 2012 8:48 AM
...and that's precisely the problem that gun-controlling liberals have with honest people trying to protect themselves. When some crackpot pulls a weapon and starts killing, liberals want to be sure to keep the body count as high as possible for propaganda purposes, so that they can make a louder case for gun control.

If you were involved in a desperately violent situation would you want to be armed and protected or left empty handed?

If it were me--a responsible 22 year old woman--I sure wouldn't want to be found in harms way without a way to defend myself, no matter what the location.

Two people--a faculty member and an additional victim (likely a student)--were violently murdered at Casper College in Wyoming this morning. The college spokesman, Rich Fujita, told reporters that a crossbow and another similar weapon were used in the attacks.

Wyoming state gun laws leave it to the...