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They paint anyone who disagrees with them as a bunch of half-wit hillbillies. If conservatives tried that, we'd be called bigots.
On the other hand, would it be better to give the Democrats what they wish for? 0bamacare is collapsing on it's own quite nicely. Anything the Republicans do to try to repeal or modify parts of this disaster will cushion the fall and make it seem not as bad as it really is, resulting in less motivation to outright repeal it when the opportunity presents itself.
They didn't bother to check, either. What dimwits. No wonder this country is in trouble.
He's already thrown the unions under the bus
It also covers up the ongoing scandals of this plagued administration
Foreign aid. UN payments Government grants Next?...
Or so 0bama can continue to cover his scandals. He needs the deflection.
Probably had a golf game to catch
Christie is a Democrat, just like McCain and Graham.
Harry Reid said he wanted $988 Billion. When Republicans offered, he changed his mind. So Harry Reid is clearly the problem. If he keeps moving the target nothing will be resolved. It appears as though he wants a default.
Once the CR is passed, what will motivate the senate and the president to negotiate? They'll already have everything they want.
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